Guidelines for Team

Dear HHIC,

With great joy and anticipation, we are making plans to resume in-person
worship gatherings Sunday, June 28, 2020 at 10 am.
Our desire is to honor the Biblical command to gather as a church family for corporate worship while implementing wise guidelines that serve one another.
In view of this, we are implementing some measures in compliance with CDC guidelines.

  1. On Thursday (June 25th) …. A Covid-19 approved cleaning company will do a thorough carpet cleaning of the church and sanitize all washrooms and other rooms.
  2. We will provide hand sanitizers for the worshipers to use.
  3. We will be taking temperatures of all worshipers and visitors with an
    infrared thermometer (touchless). Anyone with a temperature of 100.4F and above will be respectfully asked to worship privately and to seek medical attention as needed.
  4. Chairs will be roped off in the sanctuary to provide 6′ distancing between households.
  5. We encourage frequent hand washing with soap and running
  6. We We encourage everyone to wear a mask in accordance with the CDC guidelines. The church will have masks available for worshipers in the event that you need one.
  7. Children and Youth Ministries will not be meeting for the time being and they are expected to remain with their parents.
  8. Parents are expected to help their children maintain 6′ social distancing from others.
  9. We advise worshipers to avoid any unnecessary touching of surfaces/doorknobs.
  10. We will be frequently wiping doorknobs and other surfaces that are frequently touched with alcohol-based products/cleaning products.
  11. We will adjust “traffic flow” in the sanctuary to mitigate close contact between worshipers.
  12. Live streaming of church services will ONLY be for overflow worshipers in the Outreach Hall.
  13. Arrangements are being made for families to sit together.
  14. We encourage you to stay home and watch online if you have fever or symptomatic or for those that don’t feel comfortable at this time.